Hello world!

Hello lovely people of the internet and welcome to my blog. My name is Ali , I am 22 years old  and have decided to take the plunge into the world of blogging.Scary I know, but I have decided that it has to be done !I have always enjoyed writing and sharing any (useless ) info that I manage to fall upon so thought what better than to write it all down .So I have bitten the bullet and decided to grab blogging by the horns .

My main aim with this blog is to share in my obsessions with you , yes you heard me right I did say obessions .And what would these be I hear you say well let me tell you :

Beauty Products – Disclaimer I am no Mac Hunny Bunny.

Fashion -Nope I am no Anna Wintour either although Carrie Bradshaw could be more suitable due to my unruly CURLY SUE MANE.

and the best for last Food- My Mammy says I am a dab hand in the kitchen.

So hop on board and lets come together to share in our addictions. Feel free to comment ( pretty please be nice , I’m a newbie at this  after all )and lets see where this lil blog is gonna take us.

Ali x