Change of Scenery


Hello Lovelies,

I know what you are thinking this gal has taken her sweet time to get back here – Time to pull your socks up Ali and get on that blogging train! Firstly I need to fill you in on the past few months, which is the principal cause for me not having been blogging away like a busy bee .



Since late August 2015 I have moved from the little emerald isle that I hail from and had to flee my adored Dublin. I am now currently living in Madrid for the next year to complete my degree which dictates that I must spend a year here to be fully immersed in the” Vida Loca”.A scary concept -one of which I think you can never really anticipate, is the true magnitude and significance of until you have actually done it .Saying this though, I am delighted to have gotten this far and embarked on this new journey. And also a big shout out has to be given to Mamma Lisa and Daddy Noel. These two honestly made it all possible for getting that dreadful 6am flight from Dublin to Madrid(Ryanair thanks for this flight that leaves you blearily eyed and sleep deprived )to coming to see all those hovels and crack dens we viewed and mostly importantly that mammoth trip to Ikea to buy every single piece of furniture. Safe to say this was the longest my Dad has ever spent in a shop and for this he deserves a medal.

Now get to the bit and explain why no posts have been published! Simply my workload and class time is very intense which has caused me to not have the adequate time to produce quality content on this lil blogosphere which is more of a self-indulgence more than anything else .I really enjoy the ability to curate this journal/bible/forum to just babble and confess my shopping and cosmetic sins.

With this change of zip code comes the need for new things. Never before could I have imagined being excited by the prospect of new sheets. crockery or home furnishings but there you have it I AM A CHANGED WOMAN , Madrid what have you done to me !I even think that my roomie Becky, has been converted to this obsession with perfecting our princess piso ( as christened by myself of course ).I have always loved interiors and pretty housey , Knick knacks of course inherited by the Momma who has such taste for all things house .Although I did quite expect it to happen at 22 and having the responsibility of furnishing a whole place from plates to couches to mattresses and beyond. Thought there is such excitement when choosing every piece and a sense of pride when it finally all fits together which in our case had to be done in three days. At the time , scary and stressful and many late nights , hallways filled with boxes that seemed to multiply every time I passed them  and 5 trips to the saviour of our interior needs- IKEA!!!Now we can enjoy the little home we have made and the memories we have already created here. Not to mention that it is a perfection blend of the two of us here , so unlike in every way but somehow it works and manages to look amazing which makes it feel like a second home rather than a place to sleep and have no attachment to .


So my lovelies I have a plan which I propose to be relatable to house and home and this bloggy blog would be to create a post on all the bits and bobs that make up our flat and perhaps curate a scrapbook of photos and recommendations of interiors that we have bought here (rose gold furnishings will be heavily featured FYI).

Where do you like to kit out your casa ? Have you ever travelled to another country to live away for a year ? Fill me in

Ali x