Lippy Loving and Liner Appreciating

lips 6

Hello my lovelies,

As you may or may not know this is a topic close to my makeup up addict soul.My love for these 2 fundamentals cannot be matched by any other experience .Nothing feels better than the joy that a new lip liner and matching lippy brings when you have just handed over your sweet cash .My heart skips a beat for this kind of rush.

Lips are huge right now , thanks to our little friend Kylie J who seems to have adopted them as her signature trademark.Also we have her to balme for Velvet Teddy and Spice Lip liner from MAC, being constantly sold out and as difficult to get our hands on  as the Golden Ticket  in the quest for that Perfect Pout.Thanks for that Kylie , really I am so happy you bragged to the world about this liner for making your lips look fuller without the help of a bump here and a bump there courtesy of some needles thrown in to the mix.Your lies were the cause of my spice demise !

lips 7

Lips are the bomb dot com and I for one never dare to leave the house without them.For me  they are the new brows.Personally I think that this look can be achieved by anyone with the use of a few trusty products and a bit of pout practise to leave you with the perfect pucker .

These prodcust do not have to be high end like the MAC favoured by Kylie or the Charlotte Tilbury which the masses seem to covet at the mo mo.I like to mix it up between high end and affordable brands when it comes to drawing on the lips I WANT  – not the lips that iI HAVE !Generally this involves using two liners one to outline the lip and over draw above the natural shape to create a fuller look.  Then with a lighter pencil shade to colour in the whole lip making sure to blend the two shades together.Definitely  this is a vital step in order to avoid that 90s look where the liner was a dark brown shade and the lip covered in a light pinky gloss.Unless of course that is the look that you are going for then happy days, be my guest and go on with your bad self .

lips 4

Current brands that I am loving and abusing on a daily basis are MAC, NYX, Barry M and Maybelline.The colours of these vary and I always try to have a pencil that compliments the lipstick, lipstain or gloss I have chosen to smear  all over this boca loca.

50 Shades of Red – Liner is NYX 817Hot Red.Follwed by Lipsticks from the brand Lipstick Queen in shades Red Sinner ,Red Metal and Saint Red.Framed then by Elizabeth Arden Wild Winterberry,MAC Lady Danger and Brave Red and then Benefit Wild Card

Below I have raided my lip makeup bag(Yes I do have a seperate bag just to house all of my lip products and no I am not ashamed of it).Yes I do have a problem with the sheer amounts of products I own . No I will never stop treating myself to a new lippy.Because why? Because I can and when all else fails , you just gotta grab your fave ruby red ,perfect peach or pretty pink and draw on a smile and get your shit together.Or at least appear to the world as if you do -because God Dammit , it has to be done!

Dark Vamp or Moody Judy Look

Liner is Maybelline ColorSensational in 338 Midnight Plum.Lippys -Chanel Rouge Allure in Farouche 122, MAC  CremeSheen in Hang Up.Then Lipstains are NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme in Copenhagen and Sephora Luster Matte in shade Deep Plum Lustre

Orange Sunshine Dreams

Liner is MAC Lasting Sensation .To the left of this is Clarins Summer lipstick in the shade 006 that I think is discontinued now followed by MAC Morange and Seventeen Lip Crayon in N14.The two glosses are Chanel Glossimer in 337 Calypso which is no longer made and the Nyx Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheesecake.




Show me your Naughty Nudes-All from my adored MAC archives and the colours here are from L-R Creme Cup,Viva Glam III,Shy Girl,Twig and Touch.And to further compliment and adorn these shades, for a more amplified look any of these glosses will work .L-R Topshop Lip Paint in colour 4,Essence XXL Nude Glosses  in Soft Almond and Shy Beauty then followed by NYX Lip Plumper in Elizabeth and the NYX Butter Gloss in Praline but this is also great in the shade Tiramisu.

Liner Liner Liner couldnt be more Diviner

Pinky Brown Shades L-R NYX 810 Naturel,Essence 05 Soft Berry, Barry M in 9 and MAC in the shades Soar and Whirl.
Brown Shades from light to dark tones L-R Barry M in shades 6 and 5 followed by MAC Stripdown and Spice and then finally NYX in 857 Nude Beige

lips 3

Let me know your Fave Lippy Products and they may find a good home in my collection.

Ali x


Ooh me, Oh my – from Mama FramB

Hello my Lovelies,

Let’s talk about cake baby, Let’s talk about you & me,as the song does not go!  Today’s order of the day is all things sweet, calorific and the most decadent delicacies your heart could ever dream of.

I must confess my sweet tooth is becoming sort of an issue and I had been dying to visit this marvellous Madrid mecca to curb my never ending sweet cravings (this is my justification for coming here and devouring as much cake as humanly possible for this lil vertically challenged, 5ft nothing tiny human).I can confirm that it definitely succeeded any and all expectations and is a firm favourite for me to recommend if you like to inhale their creations as much as I did.


I adore every part of this place. It is the perfect combination of shabby and chic , the decor is so pretty and quaint and the minute you enter those sacred doors you are confronted with major foodie dilemmas. This is due to the rows upon rows of macaroon rainbows containing the most insane flavours you have ever seen. Each presented in perfect  neat little rows followed by a gold plate card with its flavour  , which pleases the OCD freak in me immensely.

Then cue the next display of divine sweet holiness of pastries in all their divine flakiness nestled alongside the biggest and gorgeously golden Palmiers that are crying out to be dunked into their amazing coffee. Or if feeling extra piggy, their rich and thick hot chocolate which I can only describe as a religious experience. Now do you see the struggle I faced here even before I was seated? Yes it was truly a patisserie problema


The menu here is so beautiful and should be stolen and hung on your wall at home as a constant reminder to come back here immediately in an attempt to sample every item on the menu



French Inspired pretty as a picture Menus.Also the colouring and shading on these menus makes me want to pick up a bumper pack of Crayola Colouring Pencils

Each cake is drawn by hand with a detailed description of each layer and the amazingness contained in every component of these decadent creations of culinary beauty.

In the end  Becky and I  decided we were going to go balls to the walls and have a Boozy Cakey Datey and ordered a glass of perfect pink bubbly cava to as we deemed it would be rude not to indulge further on this Mama Framboise  Mission.

Ladies who lunch and have no self control when it comes to a cheeky glass of wine to add to the calory intake for the day
Crunchy Biscuit Topping with an orange gooey mousse and then carrot cake goodness bursting on the inside
Beckys Lemon Meringue Tarte which had the most perfectly fluffy meringue top, sharp lemon curd and the most buttery baked biscuit base your greedy chops have ever sampled.

All in all I would say this place is a definite ideal location to take a pilgrimage to any day of the week to satisfy your sweet tooth and sample these little pieces of heaven crafted by the Gods of all things Sinful.

Ali xx