Daddy Doting

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Hello my lovelies,

Lack of posts has been due to repeats or as we call it here in Spain which personally,I  feel is a more positive use of words “Recouperaciones “. I am now free of spending my Saturdays in the dreaded library and can now be  blog, blog , blogging away!

Today it is Fathers Day and so I felt inspired to use this as perfect blogging material and talk about the wonderful men we are lucky enough to call Dad.Be he called Daddy , Dada , Papa or Man who gave me life , we all need to take time and celebrate these wonderful males in our lives.Dont get me wrong I don’t think that it should only be big days like this that we take time to celebrate our most influential male protagonists of our lives to date.

Fathers Day shouldnt be measured by the amount of effort you put into the one day of the year .It shouldnt be about the soppy hallmark heartfelt card you buy or that expensive silk tie that you  buy for him that you adore ,but your fashion dodging Dada will never wear. Living away and now not being home for Fathers Day has made me realise that it’s not about the gifts or the card but about recognising the influence my Dad has had on my life and the advice that he gives me everyday.

Fathers day blog post

When thinking about writing this post I looked online and found so many quotes about fathers and Daughters .One which I loved was “a girl’s father is the first man in her life and the most influential “. Definitely I am in agreement with this and am not ashamed to say I am a daddy’s girl .I have memories of my mum saying to me and joking that all I wanted was Daddy and that it was my first word to which he often  replies ” I am the man ” with his cheeky grin and his laugh that is so distinct.


He is the Santa that always delivers.Anyone who knows me ,knows that I am a big Christmas lover and this is all down to my parents who I like to call Mr and Mrs Claus.These two are the most generous and warm hosts at Crimbo and honestly become like two children as the festive season arrives.Never once did a christmas come when we didn’t get exactly what we asked for plus extra on top .Every year Daddy would always find a way to male our presents extra bespoke or different from everyone else.Cue the year of the quad bikes with personalised number plates ,the specially designed DVD player or the year he was running all around Spain , the Isle of Man and all of Ireland with Mum in search for the infamous Woody from Toy Story.When Papa Noel is on a mission nothing will stand in his way of Christmas and pressie hunting .Also lets not forget when Ali , far too old to still be believing in the Big Man in the red coat, was finally told that the Jolly Merry Man was living under our roof all along.Safe to say there was Christmas mourning and the words ” it will never be the same now ” in regards to Santy Claus.I think we were both equally as devastated !

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He is the number one Cheerleader.I with hand on heart, can whole heartedly say that there has never been one event that my dad has not been at for any of the three of us.Every School Nativity play, sitting through an hour of tone deaf tots with tea towels on their heads.Every sports day where every one is a winner regardless of how long you take to get to the finish line.Every Teaching meeting where some bitchy spanish teacher says to your Daddy that ” She struggles with the subject” and he the ever silent and calm presence says ” that surprising are you sure you are talking about the same Ali ” .

The man who helps you , hyper and dazed getting your LC results to calculate them correctly even after you have done it wrong on three occassions.He is the person you call hysterically crying when repeats in college don’t go your way and uses his trademark line that we all tease him for, but adore  him for saying it ” sure it will all be grand “.Daddy is the one who always has time for chats and is there at a drop of a hat when something goes wrong.

He is the one when you are in trouble with Mummy and comes to your room where you have been banished to , probably for good reason and tries to make you laugh.The tempation here is too much to hold in the giggles and you know if you are caught there is going to be hell to pay.He knows this as much as you and now your are both like bold children.

Fathers Day collage

Maybe it is now that I am older or having moved away you have a different relationship with both your parents .You now no longer see them as just the paper that brought you into this mad world but as the heroes of the story of your life.The ones that made it all possible and continue to help you to make your aspirations and goals to become a reality.They are the heroes of the story , the direction on the journey and the smiling faces at the finishing line.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy I adore you more than you will ever know.You are the best I could have ever asked for.

Hope you all have a fantastic day and celebrate it with the important men in your life and appreciate every minute spent with them and every memory made with them.



Ali xxx