Shady Ladies


Hello my lovelies,

Todays post is all about sunnies for  the hunnies . Summer is upon us and the ultimate go to accessory for any self-respecting fashionista is a great pair of shades .Gotta get this  summer staple at the standby for shielding of the rays all the days my friends!

Personally I am obsessed with sunglasses and always have at least one pair if not two in my handbag at any one time.They are the perfect purse companion.Cue the nights/days when you have been out until 6am and must venture out into the big bad world.Fears of that harsh blistering sunlight penetrating into your fragile hung over soul is enough to make anyone stay in doors not to mention the chance of terrifying the general public with those gigantic scary bags under your eyes due to the severe lack of shut-eye you didn’t have the night before.Trust ,me  those bad boy bags are definitely not Chanel under those peppers of yours.Of course this , along with the remnants of liner and mascara that looked smoky and sexy the 16 hours ago when you applied it.However nowit  looks as if you have rubbed coal all over your eyes and is almost Panda like.Fear not lovely lassies, here is where the shades , sunnies , eyewear or sanity protectors as I like to call them  come into play.Find your perfect shape of shadies , throw them on and prepare to resemble a woman who has her shit semi together to face the day , with minimal visibility of the extent of the antics of the night before.In my case, BIGGER is always better in this circumstance.I want my lenses to be as big as dinner plates and to give Nicole Richie a run for her money in the sunnies stakes.

shades guide

These are tonnes of shapes, sizes , colours, finishes and price ranges with these so play and shop around to find the best fit.Make sure to look at the categories when buying to ensure that those cool frames are not about to set your eyeballs on fire when in contact with direct sunlight and can protect those wretched wrinkie wrinkles from intensifying under your ojos.

Lets take a look at some of our Sunnie Stunner Style Icons and how they wear theirs.Wonder if this fash pack also  use them as the ultimate fashion shield as their uniform  of  obligatory armour? sunnnies for the hunnies












Looking at the influencers 


Rosie Fortescue of MIC has got to be included in this list.She is rarely seen without some sort of eyewear and often her pair of choice is from Hugo Taylor London or her trusty Prada tortoiseshell  frames.



This woman is known the world over for her effortless elegance and meticulous eye for style and accessories.In my eyes she is yet to put a foot in the wrong direction in the style stakes and is the envy of fashionistas on every continent.A devoted fan of all things Dior and Fendi for the eyes.

collage-2016-07-25 (2).jpg



Our childhood favourite teen idols are all grown up now and well-respected designers in their own right with their successful clothing line Elizabeth and James and the Row.These two are never photographed at front rows without their obligatory eye shields and both are devotees to the Prada and Chanel  offerings.

collage-2016-07-25 (3).jpg

Let me know your favourite and most prized  pair of peeper protectors.

Ali xx