OOTD -Bomber Brigade

OOTD 8-10-16

Outfit for today is super relaxed and casual.Please excuse my rare bare face.Scary Mary I am without the mush stuff lathered over me .Loving this bomber jacket from Pennneys for 3o euros which is in an olive-green goddess shade and has been adorned with some funky patches .The jeans are my firm fave, the  Dr Denim Kissy, which have been carved by  the denim angels of heaven to fit my vertically challenged self .These are the best around and are a  mid rise  cut. I also love their Solitaire versions which are super high-rise and give my jiggly ass a super lift to give me a perkier posterior! The hat is perhaps OTT for this OOTD but I love it regardless and is from h & m .Finally these sparkly sequined slippers of joy are from a brand called Ming that I got in Madrid and havent taken off me since the day I stumbled upon them.

Ali xx


Spending for the Trending

Hello Lovelies,

Anyone else sick of sale stock, tired of last seasons looks and being  unaccepting of walking into your favourite fast fashion stores only to see clothes that have somehow come to form part of the genetics of the flooring , garments hanging on for dear life to the hangers that they have found themselves thrown and entwined upon( here’s to looking at you a certain well-known and adored store that all us fashionistas flock to each season, in an attempt  to try to resemble Olivia Palermo ,Zara being one of stores guilty for this sales  mania) .

Dont get me wrong I love a bargain myself .Nothing beats that feeling of seeing that piece or in my  cases, pieces, that you saw towards the send of the store and have held out on buying.Then that faithful day comes and you see that magic sign in the window , in all of its red glory “Sales now in store”.Cue the inner shopaholic inside of you bursting out of your skeleton with your wallet, credit cards and all other accepted forms of payment , and leaving you in the shadows awaiting its return laden down with the trophies of the sales scavenging.The rush is unlike any other and has been known to add to the adoration of the pieces that hang so beautifully in that somewhat cramped and overflowing closet of yours. Welcome to the Family , here you will be loved , be in good company with a host of other labels.You many even, my perfectly priced beauty, be shown a whole new world of places , people , admiring glances and gasps of other shopaholic who utter those sacred words of “Where did you get this , I need one “.Enough to make the heart skip a beat I hear you say ladies .

Although now is the time, while on our ritual excursions to the retail outlets that we hold an almost religious like following to, we see all the new goodies for AW16 creep into our eyelines.Let the lusting for the luxe and latest clothing obsessions begin.


The trends this year shown so far are super wearable and can be adapted to  your individual style.The key trends that have been seen this year are Tartan .Not just for kilts ladies and your cashmere Burberry Scarf.Can be worn as a full outfit in forms of pinafores with a high ponytail and winged out black liner for the ultimate school girl chic look. Channel your inner Clueless self with this trend .Adored by Victoria Beckham this season in her collection for AW16 and of course the faithful Burberry .



Velvet has been huge and do not discard this favourite, that I think, any child of the nineties will remember owning. everything  from  scrunchies to the full-blown emerald-green or red dresses that nearly every one of us had as kiddies and that  our Mumas were fond  of back then.This trend is instrumental in  brining back the choker in a major way and I for one, am all for it.

collage-2016-08-09 (1)


MK 2016 Purple


In terms of colour we have been gifted  this gorgeous bright and refreshing hue  for Winter.incorporating lilac and pretty periwinkle.Adorned the AW catwalk of Michael Kors,  Miu Miu and Roberto Cavalli.Rain on down the Purple Rain !Looks amazing paired with mustard and yellow tones.


This is a cult classic where a little goes a long way.Think of how this trend can be used to work with and complement your body shape in order to avoid looking like an acordian!God knows that will never be in fashion unless of course Beethoven raises from the dead and becomes the new editor in chief of Vogue !

collage-2016-08-09 (2)

Let me know what trends your will be lusting after this season and the key pieces you will be adding to your collections.

Ali xxx