Falling for Fall


Hello my lovelies,

Apologies for the serious lack of activity on here .I know my dedication has been lacking and the creative blabbing blogging force has been weak .However I am now firmly back on the writing wagon and am making it top priority to flood your brains with my blabbing and lack of filter to talk about -FALL , Autumn , time when leaves are naked , jackets are a basic item of survival and an excuse to drink festive over priced coffee .

This time of the year is like a living breathing tumblr aesthetic kingdom.Who knew wet leaves in ruby-red and canary yellow could evoke such fuzzy feels in a gal but I tell ya I am hooked.Every street looks warm and cosy  especially if my eye spies a big bay window with a deep window seat and the hue of twinkly dancing fairy lights and an abandoned cup of something steaming that hugs your insides from the swirling winds.You with me yet friends on this fall and falling in love with this magical season before the real Magical season? (Christmas , but we are banned from mentioning such a time until Halloween has passed us , leaving us in an induced coma of serious sweet sweats !)


Next best thing about this time is saying See Ya to those summer clothes that you have gotten sick of, your tan and summer glow goodness has faded and the thoughts of having to get those hairy bare legs give you actual fears. For the sake of humankind who scream  “put them away already Woman and get thy self to the shops for AW to disguise thyself”.Nothing is better than having those dry chilly days and throwing on your favourite cashmere or ‘shmere as I like to call it. Followed by  reaching into the depths of your wardrobe to find that perfect fluffy knitted hat .Outfit complete , your are Insta  worthy and if it contains anything in mustard yellow , then game over .Girly  you have made to that  those stylish girls status that we all drool over on Insta, Tumblr and wish we had that ability to look as effortless.Instead more times than not, I end up looking like nice try but this knitted catastrophe needs to die and crawl off your  head in a fortunate turn of events leaving you with that dreadful hat hair and not looking like the Hadids.Gotta love a tryer though !?

Cashmere – check. Cute hat permitting I do not resemble an egghead alien creature -check.Next a fab little jacket that once thrown on will instantly lift that all black outfit of ours cos let’s be fair , black is always a good idea.Now ladies lets keep in mind that we are referring to that hefty jacket that the Mammy  bought you with lining so thick it would make the Eskimos sweat by just poking on  arm into it ! Think leather , think suede and conjure dreams of being in a Kooples Ad  or one of those leggy Giselle like girls who can make us weep with their sleekness and sexiness.


Next we must not  forget the all important as stressed from our style queens above, the ultimate autumn accessory for warm mitts – No no  not gloves , lets not be that basic and unimaginative ladies , but rather that Starbucks latte.In my case the order of choice for this festive and spicy time of year is the PSL. Literally an extortionate   price for a coffee clouded in sugar and flavours but none the less, I love it and the mini status symbol it has become.

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Also major appreciation for the cups that this magnificent explosion of caffeine comes in .Sharpie goals is the definition of it. probably excessively calorific but this will never stop me from devouring every syrupy sip and the hugs it will inevitable give me in my skinny jeans that says the obsession has gone too far .Cue the voices in my head screaming “put down the cup Ali”.

So friends lets embrace the chilly nights, warm slouchy knit jumpers and the change in the seasons.I need a bit of easy breezy blow your cobwebs off weather.Let me know what you love about this golden and glistening time of the year.

Ali xx