The Return of the Greene – An explanation of what has come in between

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Hello my lovelies,

Finally the B***ch is back and the blog game will be going strong once again my friends! Final year has been endured rather than slayed , thesis has been wrote and graduation celebration has been and gone. In the last few months I have been asked on a number of occasions “Ali when are you going to post again on your blog ” or just throw something up there its been too long “. Also this is not a an opportunity for  expression of the adoration of my little space(which is limited but every single like is without doubt appreciated) but rather  has offered me some food for thought.In no way do I see myself as a writer-Pulitzer hasn’t contacted me yet but hey I am always here lads! Nor do I see myself as those Insta savvy style queens who we all love to look at and hate at the same time. Don’t worry girls we all do it , part of the innate female mad mechanisms that make us such majestic creatures.

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I started this blog telling no one about it.It was a totally selfish and lets face it ,self indulgent project of mine .I didn’t have to do it for a class ,I didn’t do it to be seen as the next IT girl waiting to be noticed, given a book deal, freebies galore and invites to every event that exists.I did it because I wanted to have my own little creative cocoon where I could write whatever I wanted.As we have seen throughout the short existence of this blog, the filter that most have been born with that screams “Maybe leave that out  Ali” clearly never was installed in my DNA.

I only ever wrote this to be seen by me initially, but over time I have given up caring.I no longer worry if people roll their eyes when they see me promoting it on FB, when those who read it ,quote my words and I wonder how the hell did I ever write that , or if people perceive  me to be projecting an embellished version of myself on her pursuit to be on that expert pedestal.

And this is why I haven’t posted any thrown together posts here. I created this mecca tailored to my tastes, to the style I like and am never going to just throw together a 100 word post so that I can be “seen to be blogging”. Ain’t my style , Ain’t going to happen and if I did ,I wouldn’t even want to read the garbage that those kind of posts would even contain. I only ever want to write about things I like,visuals that inspire me, things  my friends are talking or asking me  about or the newest shade of bloody nude lipstick  that has just launched that we all convince ourselves, we must have because no way could it be similar to the other 55 shades we have bought, in the pursuit for that perfect pout(Hard hitting stuff I know but it’s what I like , its what I buy and let me love the lippy OK ?).In conclusion give zero cares,get blogging away woman, pound those keyboard keys and churn out more ridiculous and rambling pieces about whatever your creative cracked brain  can think of ! Clearly my obsession with Girl Boss has now taken over my ways of expressing myself and have somehow morphed into a Sophia clone . This does not entirely upset me she is insane.

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Back and bigger than ever (Summer body miraculously did not arrive, a sad but not so unexpected tale.Blame it on final year , it’s what everyone else does for life’s fails!).

Ali xxx