Monochrome Chronicles

Vogue Clippings featuring this trend

Hello lovelies,

lets have a little lookie loo at one of the most picture perfect color combinations that knows no bounds.Black and White is the Yin to the  Yang of  the colour wheel. It can do no wrong and is incapable of ever not looking polished, posh and exuding perfection when executed to perfection.It has become forever immortalized with elegance and luxury since being favored and incorporated into the logos of such iconic brands as Chanel  , Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen.

However this isn’t just a match made in fashion branding heaven but can be used for any product to capture our senses, our bank accounts, Pinterest boards  and our inner fat girl piggy cravings!

Mood Food 

I am not ashamed to say that at times, I can be a Hormonal Henrietta, a Grumpy Gwen and least but not least a Fat Amy when it comes to stuffing my face.One such go to devil treat of ass widening goodness, is that of the humble Oreo. Good were the days when if you had these in your lunchbox you gained serious school yard lunch box envy and credibility .Oh how I  loved those  mystical marvels with a creamy vanilla centre in their shiny and gaudy silver packet ! Not only were these cool back then as the newest addition to the lunchtime showdown but now have become a staple for any avid bakers pantry.These little cocoa crunchy cookies are transformed to another flavour dimension went put into a sort of cheesecake concoction.Also can we take a moment to praise the queen  that is Khloe Kardashian who is so OCD about her Oreo’s that she takes the time to have them perfectly arranged in her cookie jars? Wacky and time-consuming yes, although  I can’t lie to the inner neat freak inside of me who is obsessed with how they look this way.

Oreo ocd cookie jars blog
Realistically this is not the best use of time spent ever but we can’t deny it does please the eyes of the OCD beholder

Store Design & Branding 

As I mentioned above this has been the perfect palette for brands to adopt in terms of their aesthetic and design choices.One such brand that is really capitalizing on this is that of the premier cosmetics and fragrance brand Jo Malone. The feels I get when i walk into any store or concession of this brand and see those perfect glass bottles of exquisite smells like no other and their perfect contrast of their simple black font on the perfect white backdrop illuminating those luscious smellies! Are you there with me friends – seeing their fragrance advisers, with  their  jet black aprons on, offering you a hand massage and wrapping those amazing bows on the Mammys anual christmas splurge? Hooked and I don’t care who knows it.Create a new scent , give me your candle and ten minutes later I have left my a lot less in the bank .However  smelling amazing , hyped on that feeling of  yes I have made it in the “adulting stakes of life” because this isn’t just some nice things to spritz  and lather all over my wibbly body .Instead now welcome to the lifestyle of this tempting and smell inducing temptress.Cue the inevitable attempt at creating   your own home boutique ,which lets face it, would take a lifetime or a bottomless bank limit to achieve  . Listen up boys , this never ever fails, my brother has seen the ways  of Jo and is sticking to what he knows the ladies in his life like, that  is anything this scent savior can create from the avenues of aroma arousal.

BeFunky Collage 3.jpg


Now that we are in need of wanting to live in a Jo Malone world , lets look  at how this palette is creating serious house envy among the Pinterest and home design domains.I have to say that while I love this combination I somehow don’t think I could live in an entire house in this neutral and simplistic tone but each to their own kids.A little goes a long way in order to ensure perfect execution.Accents of bold colors such as yellow , red and green really help to lift this to another dimension and add a seasonal edge.Below you will see some of the most lust worthy inspirations of how you wish you room looked.

Monochrome interiors blog collage 1.jpg

Office and Creative Spaces

An office should be a place that is never described as “Four Square Walls”.It should be a place that is enticing, that allows for creativity and is loved by those who spend the long hours working away in it.A new genius idea that has been circulating is that of the feature wall.However this is unlike that one naff side of your Mums good room where she hung that hideous floral abomination and you pray will somehow mysteriously fall off the walls to be never seen again.I refer to the idea of blackboard paint which can be used for setting calendars, creation of mood boards and as an ideas pin board. Not only does this look great but allows for greater creativity and focus.Not to mention it can be done on a budget and easily bought online or in your local DIY shop! When I grown up to be a real and serious adult woman , this is top of the list for office/study for sure.I love it and think it could be great for a kids playroom also.

blackbaord collage.jpg

Let me know what you like about this dark and inviting color combination.

Ali xx