Dazed by Dupes

Dior perfume quote

Hello lovelies,

How are we all doing ? Has September whirled you into a spiral of real world adulting jobs , the return to college and those 8am starts which are already looking doubtful or just easing back into the routine post summer life? Well with all this return to normality and routine brings about the time for a session  of retail therapy to ease the woe -even if your bank balance is suffering due to a summer of  spending as if it was your last. This little lady has been scouting the shops on a limited funds budget and has been pleasantly surprised with her finds.

Let it come as no surprise my fellow spenders that this girl is obsessed with fragrance. Blame it on the mammy I say ! My earliest memory is of a bottle of Chanel No.5 used by her and the offer of a sacred spritz.Any time I smell it now I cant help but feel like it has smacked me in the face with this super strong scent, that perhaps  should be reserved for ladies of a more mature vintage.Since then spritz has turned into a showering of scents and I will not apologize for the need to douse myself in such fragrant fantasies of   deliciousness.


Perfume is not just another beauty product that we have on our dresser table.No no NO it is so much more my perfume pretties.It is the elixir of emotion,nostalgia and evolution.Brings us back to memories of bad hair, bad fashion and bad boys. Ask any woman about perfume and she can give you a timeline of smell and the stories to match.

Men listen up as I have said before perfume is never a bad idea.Warning : Do your research prior to purchase . DO Not  be fooled by the fragrance temptress trying to sell you the scent they have been punished to push. As we have said before stick to the old faithfuls of the mecca of Jo (Malone), Tom(Ford) and Replica. Pricey yes but perfection has no price or does it? This brings me into the testing of such theories  in terms of premier scents and the dupes that seem to have appeared on the market.

Holy trinity of fragrance GIANTS
Behold the Holy Trinity of the Fragrance Giants- prices  starting from 93 euros(Ford), 85 euros(Replica)and 121 euros(Malone) 

Imagine this gals surprise when just having her weekly pilgrimage to the chapel of cheap Primark (Penneys  and yes I said weekly .It is a problem.I am working on it) and fall upon shiny new shelves with scents laying there  placed by the gods of all that smells good.Eyes did a little double take I will admit.Also had to look around me and wonder why nobody else was fangirling for what was upon them.Mind did triple take here.Thinks to herself “this is a positive sign.Less people see this magnificence then no fear of not being able to try and buy every single piece!”.A scene straight out of confessions of a shopaholic I can hear your brains uttering while reading that previous sentence but should you really be surprised.I think not lovelies!

Priark full dupe offerings Jo Malone
Collection is comprised of a handbag size  20ml roll on perfume, full size bottle of fragrance of 100ml , room diffuser, room scent spray 30ml  and then a hand-wash and hand lotion.

Sweaty hands fumbled through the box to land on a bottle of beauty and lady liked what she saw! Packaging was simple white and black classic combination and not totally dissimilar to our old friend Jo.In total the collection has been made up of 6 scents that the website describes as being a unique mix of unisex scents.They include : Rose Oud, Pomegranate& Black Tea, Jasmine & Honey,Vanilla Absolute,Amber Noir and then Mandarin& Basil.Even the names are suspiciously similar to those of Jo Malone and their classic scents of Lime Basil & Mandarin and their Pomegranate Noir versions.We cannot deny the price of such dupes are a pretty price for this private collection and I don’t  think anyone could deny themselves of such scents for 10 euros!

Lime Basil Dupe Comparison.jpg
Side by Side of the two and their likeness. 

One thing I will say is without a doubt you cannot deny that these smell the exact same as the Jo Malone.So gold stars to the Private Collection of Primark in recreating such iconic scents.I bought the Pomegranate and Black tea perfume and then the Mandarin & Basil room spray.In terms of scent they were the exact same I couldn’t detect a strong difference.Packaging terms they have done a good job. Definitely feels like a premier product being stocked by the fast fashion giant and I was impressed by the quality if the bottle it came in. Although I must admit you are forsaking on price , the experience delivered by Malone.Their packaging, presentation , store fit-out and fragrance specialists add an undeniable luxury service but that is reflected in their higher price point.

The only downfall that I can give to the Private collection is the longevity of the scent on the skin.I found that once I had the scent on , there was an initial strong aroma lingering but after a couple of hours I did notice a lack of fragrance.Anyone who owns or has had a “Spritz trip” to Malone will know that after one spray of their products lingers on the skin and clothing for hours long after it has been applied.This is where I think the mini roll on versions could come in handy to throw in your bag to  top up as you like as the day goes on and keep smelling divine on the daily !

priamrk private collection mini.jpg
Roll on Mini versions of the 6 fragrances come in at 3.50 euros and are perfect for throwing into your handbag and spraying the day away 

Let me know if you have tried these treasures and what your thoughts were on them or if I should invest in additional scents!

Ali xx







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