Hello my lovelies,

It has been a while since we have had a natter and today is all about munching in an ideal place to brunch any day of the week with anyone! If you know me you know I love all things eating, drinking and dining so this little lady wasn’t going to turn down the offer from the Mama to pay a visit to this little gem.So off me and the Mammy went and we were not disappointed.Nothing makes a Sunday better than a dinner out to chase away those Sunday Sadness feels.Lets face it ,nothing ruins your weekend like the thought of the week ahead!


So in case if you didn’t guess by the name of this jewel buried along the cobbled streets of Temple Bar , Klaw deals in all things relating to shell and fish.Their menu is flawless and I dare anyone who likes fish to not feel like a fully stuffed lobster roll when leaving this fish shack hidden in the center of the city. Klaw is one of those restaurants you hear about but you have to see it to believe it and to EAT IT. Go here hungry and be ready to go with someone who loves doing a picky picky,is willing to order half the menu with you  until you have seafood spilling out of your jeans. The restaurant itself is tiny.Remember pals,  I am quite vertically challenged myself and half the height of a normal adult human so this coming from me is saying something.Arm span is about the width of this culinary cave and the interior is amazing.Menu is painted upon the blackboard wall but my advice , would be to ask your waiter what is best and run with that.Disappointed you will not be all you foodie friends and fiends of mine.


The interior in here is so original and unlike any other establishment I have dined in. Paper towel napkins and wooden  forks and knives are inserted into the walls to form a customer mural of reviews, illustrations and other creative genius that add to the atmosphere and quirky aesthetic of this place.This place is honestly perfect for any kind of dining dilemma- lunch with the girls,dinner with foreign friends who come to visit while strolling through Temple Bar or if really looking to impress that Tinder date of yours who is pledges to be a foodie for serious brownie points.Maybe just tell them to wear something that is more cheap than chic because eating here gets messy ! Also the twinkly lights hanging from the ceiling gives light to major Instagram worthy shots and dimmed lighting to minimize the stains that developed on my clothes from my not so ladylike eating.

Now lets get down to good part , the part where Ali and the Mammy Lisa had too much choice, just decided to order nearly a third of the menu and once again, show zero self control and feel zero remorse after our overeating sins had been committed.


We started by taking the recommendation of the table beside us to start with the Crab toast which was much appreciated and then ordered the Lobster torpedo. I told you we don’t mess around when it comes to food! Sure then of course we saw a plate piled high of nachos pass us by and thought it would be rude not to indulge in them while we were there.


These were insane and can honestly say I would never have thought capers would work on my beloved chips and guac but ooh yessy they did.I cant recommend this place enough and urge anyone who likes fish to come here and taste their food because honestly I think quirky places like this are often overshadowed and overlooked due to their small size but this place is big on flavor, charm and no fuss.What more could you ask for on a Sunday when you have had a busy weekend and are in need of serious soak-age for that sore head after the nights previous or are looking for a chilled spot for dinner while in town that doesn’t require a reservation.


Let me know if you have found any other “little hole in the wall” restaurants around Dublin

Ali xxx





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