SS18 Lilac LookBook

Lavendar cactus field

Hello my lovelies,

Thought today I would create a little visual treat for you all to have a goo at and indulge your interest in one of SS18 most sought after shades.This color is such a versatile violet hue that it suits any skin tone and color pairing, which makes it the most polished of purples out there at present!  I personally am a huge fan of this shade and intend on incorporating it into my wardrobe, makeup bag and nail polish collection.


As I sit here I am obsessing over my pale lilac polish as I type away and make a mental note to go and buy a new Models Own polish in the shade Lilac Sheen.It is perfect on pale hands or if you too like me are a fan of the Fakey(tan) , it is the perfect balance of light nails to dark hands.You will thank me when you see it on and cannot resist the urge to upload this crafty combination to up the insta ante.

Cue the mood-board of dreams that I think is a holy shrine to this shade and all the beauty this blue violet brings.From fashion to face , it has a place!


Let me know if you are loving the lilac and mauve movement and how you will wear it with your existing wardrobe.

Ali xx




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